The Anna-Monika Prize is awarded bi-annually to clinical and/or basic scientists who have made major contributions to the understanding of the underlining neurobiological mechanisms of depression and who have advanced the pharmacological options for affective disorders. In 2015, the Anna-Monika-Foundation was again privileged to honor two leading researchers for their groundbreaking work in the field.

On occasion of the 25th Prize Giving Ceremony on 1 September 2015 in Amsterdam (hosted by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology at ist Annual Meeting) the following Information was released to the press:

This year’s Anna-Monika award winners are Prof. Ned H. Kalin, Department of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin, USA and Prof. Carmine Pariante, King´s College, London, UK.

Prof. Kalin receives the prize for his outstanding research in investigating the neurobiological basis of fear, anxiety, and depression at preclinical and clinical levels. Dr. Kalin serves as chair of the Madison Department of Psychiatry. He has a patient care and research focus on anxiety, and is interested in emotions and health. In nonhuman primates, he is examining behavioral and physiological correlates of human anxiety. He has identified a fearful endophenotype that is characterized by high levels of trait anxiety, a specific pattern of prefrontal brain electrical activity, and increased levels of stress hormones in the blood and in the brain. He has developed new techniques to selectively lesion the primate amygdala and these studies have provided new insights into the role of the amygdala in mediating acute fearful responses as compared to states of long term anxiety.

Prof. Pariante receives the prize for his outstanding research in understanding pathophysiology of depression and antidepressant treatment such as the involvement of distinct signaling cascades for neurogenesis relevant to stress and immune response.

He is both clinical and scientific psychiatrist with special interest in molecular neuropsychopharmacology. In his research work, he focuses on the interactions between the stress hormone system, neurogenesis and immune response, both on a fundamental science basis and in clinical studies. Prof. Pariante’s work has contributed to a better understanding of the pathophysiology of severe depression disorders and also for predicting treatment response. The following photographs were taken during the award ceremony respectively during the lectures of the prize winners.

Since its inception in 1965, the Anna-Monika-Foundation ( has achieved world-wide recognition within the scientific community dedicated to research in major depression. The major goal of the Foundation is to motivate researchers to participate in its bi-annual prize competition. To date, many outstanding researchers with significant contributions to scientific knowledge about depression have been identified and so honored. The list of laureates from Europe and the USA reads like a “Who’s Who” of prominent researchers in depression research giving the Anna-Monika-Prize wide spread international recognition. Respected scientists from around the world have contributed greatly to the success of the Foundation through their voluntary service as members of the Prize Jury.

2015l. to r.: M. Bommers, Prof. R. Rupprecht, Prof. N. Kalin,
Prof. C. Pariante, Dr. J. Stolze


Gallery of Pictures taken during the Prize Award Ceremony and the Lectures:


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Monika Rief-Rehme
Professor Dr. Alan Schatzberg – Prize Award Winner 2013
Committee of Jugdes’ Meeting in 1975 in Dortmund